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Bundling Your Home and Car Insurance

  • admin
  • September 4, 2015 3:45 PM


There’s no doubt you want to protect your valuable assets, but shopping around and managing different insurance policies for different areas of your life can become overly time consuming. From piling paperwork up and overfull filing systems, keeping track of too many insurance policies can become a real drag.

If you find it to be a real hassle to keep track of the different insurance policies you’re responsible for handling, you might want to think about bundling them together. With both your car and home insurance found conveniently in one spot you not only free up more time, but are left with a much more organized way of keeping track of some of your most important bills.

Why Bundle your Insurance?

Think of all the bills you take care of every single month. You’ve not only got to pay the rent or mortgage but also the utilities, phone, and cable or internet service. Throw your insurance bill on top of all this and you’re left with a seriously swarming pile of paperwork.

If you’re paying two or more different premiums for your different insurance needs each month, it’s time to think again. If you knew you could bundle your different insurance packages into one monthly bill and save money, why wouldn’t you?

There is a way to keep your insurance together in one convenient place and keep more money in your wallet. Many insurance companies offer a nice discount if you choose to bundle your insurance policies. When you think about saving 10-15 percent each month on your current bills it makes bundling a very viable option.

Bundling your car and home insurance together also makes it much more simple to make managing your policies that much easier. Why deal with various insurance companies when you really only have to use one? With one company to take care of all your needs you also don’t have to hassle with several different company policies and procedures.

All your information stays in one convenient place. Not only does this make your life easier, but maximizes the security of your important information.

What Types of Insurance Can you Bundle?

The most common types of insurance to bundle are auto and homeowner. These are two of your most important assets and two areas of your life that demand quality insurance coverage. Putting them together in one easily accessible place under one company is one of the smartest things you could do. Other types of insurance that are often bundled with homeowners insurance include:

There are also many people that don’t own homes that may choose to bundle renter’s insurance with their auto policy. You may also want to consider multiple drivers in your household all bundled securely within the same auto insurance policy as well.

Bundled Insurance Coverage to Fit your Personal Needs

We all lead different lifestyles making our insurance needs decidedly different. Whatever your necessities regarding insurance, bundling them together will most often make the most sense. When you find the right bundle you can save yourself time and money giving you more time to enjoy precisely the properties of which you’re insuring.

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