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Why Choose An Independent Agent?

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  • December 11, 2014 8:36 PM


Choosing an insurance plan is an intimidating process. Sorting through plans, understanding the terms of coverage, and trying to compare different terms are enough to make the average consumer’s head spin.

Therefore, it’s essential that consumers equip themselves with the knowledge needed to make a good decision. Independent insurance agents are an excellent source of information. They don’t work for an individual insurance agency; instead they represent a myriad of options from several different companies.

Independent agents can help you make the right selection whether you’re insuring your car, a boat, your home, your business, or even your life.

Unbiased Advisors

Unlike agents who represent a single insurance agency, a good independent insurance agent is more like a consultant than a salesman. They’re unbiased advisors who have access to companies with a broad array of insurance plans. An independent agent can assist you in finding the best plan based on price and coverage.

As an unbiased advisor, an independent agent will also regularly review your plan and see if a new option can help save you money or improve your coverage.

Better Service

Independent insurance agents rely on their relationships with clients, so they may offer a more personalized level of service than a captive agent. If you need help filing a claim or understanding the often byzantine language of your policy, independent agents can help customers navigate the murky waters of insurance.

Many independent agents will actively advocate on your behalf to your insurance company to make sure your claim is covered.

Easy Business

Many independent agents act as a “one stop shop” for different types of coverage, whether it be home, business, life, auto, and more. Branded insurance companies often can’t offer the best combination when purchasing multiple lines of insurance. Therefore, an independent agent may be more helpful in finding solutions.

Frequently, independent agents can help clients combine coverage to maximize savings.

More Choices

Unlike going directly to a large company, independent insurance agents come in many shapes and sizes, and they can bring you quotes from a diverse array of insurance companies. As a result, they can offer a plan that best matches your needs.

Independent agents also offer a higher level of flexibility. Associations like TrustedChoice offer consumers a large national portal to find different independent agency options. One large difference between independent agencies is their size, there are large independent agencies with many independent agents and large geographical footprint and also smaller, local independent agents that will still provide the same diversity of choice in coverage.

According to Senn Dunn Insurance (1), most independent agents represent an average of 8 insurance companies.

(1) http://www.senndunn.com/Portals/0/SD%20Why%20Choose.pdf

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