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The Number of Uninsured Drivers is Decreasing

  • Tabitha Naylor
  • August 15, 2013 9:00 AM


Car insurance comparison is the key to finding cost effective insurance options. According to driver statistics, in 2009, about one in every seven drivers had no insurance coverage whatsoever. Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee have the highest percentages of uninsured drivers and the highest rates, surpassing 20%, while other states like Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma don’t fall that much further behind.

Despite laws in every state requiring some kind of auto insurance, the number of uninsured drivers is staggering. In the years since these statistics were made, many states have made significant changes that have lowered this number substantially. This large drop is due, in part, to database updates. But it is due also to other programs that help the uninsured become insured and to stronger enforcement laws that bring larger fines as a consequence.

Some of these programs make it easier for people to get car insurance allowing them to make monthly payments even when they have had prior bad credit. Others offer consumers the ability to shop for discounted car insurance rates. The good news is that most states only require liability insurance, which is much more affordable than collision insurance. Really, with all of the car insurance options out there, every driver on the road should be able to get enough insurance to make driving legal and safe. Driving without the required insurance is not an option – the penalties and costs are just too high.

How to Find the Cheap Car Insurance Rates?

To find the lowest possible rates your first step lies in researching the reputation of a car insurance company and ask about the discounts you might be eligible for. Other options might include a pay-as-you-drive policy that offers you discounts based on the amount of miles you drive per year. If you live in California, New Jersey or Hawaii look for special insurance coverage for people with low incomes. Don’t take the first insurance option you are offered; shop around. Remember, the best place to find competitive car insurance quotes is online. Often you’ll find cheap auto insurance options here.

Consider Your Car

Comprehensive and collision coverage are more expensive than liability, but you may need them, especially if you have a new car. But the premium you pay also depends on the type of car you drive. Generally, the newer the car and the more expensive it is, the higher your insurance premium will be.

High Deductible

If you’re short on cash and need lower car insurance premiums, you should look for higher deductibles. Buy an option for a $1,000 deductible instead of a $200 deductible, you’ll pay less on your premium rates. However, you will be responsible for coming up with the higher deductible if you ever have an accident.

Your Credit Score

Your credit score can also affect your car insurance premium price. If you have a low credit score, do whatever you can to raise your score. Bad credit caused by outstanding bills, bankruptcy, or high credit debt could cause you to have much higher monthly premium rate.

Opt for Less Coverage

If your car is older and you don’t have a loan on it, you could drop the collision and comprehensive coverage, and only keep the liability insurance. However, if you do have an accident, know that damage to your car won’t be covered if you are at fault.

To Sum It Up

There are more than a few ways to lower your insurance costs, but finding these cost savings requires you to shop around. Get insurance quotes online and compare the difference. If you already have an insurance carrier, you’ll want to asses your auto insurance premiums once a year and compare it to other insurance quotes.

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