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New vs Used Cars

  • Tabitha Naylor
  • July 30, 2013 3:33 PM


Whether you’re buying a new car or a used car, insurance is still a pressing consideration. More so, it’s an obligation. As we’ve discussed before, even though most states take on the responsibility and authority of setting a minimum coverage amount that drivers must have before hitting the road, you ultimately have to choose the quantity and quality of coverage that suits you, your car and your financial situation. Car insurance quotes are not difficult to source, especially with the existence of online car insurance providers. But it is important that you shop around, take policy holder feedback into consideration, and be armed with a list of questions that are unique to your life and money situation, so that your insurance is tailored to you. But that’s just the issue of insurance, and while it’s a pressing one, it may be putting the cart before the horse in the case of potential car owners. For those who are considering buying their first vehicle or replacing one they already have, they car you buy is just as important as the insurance you buy for it. Does the kind of car you buy determine unequivocally the kind of car insurance you should buy? No…but it is a mitigating factor. Perusing the car insurance quotes you get from online car insurance providers is one way to get the ball rolling, but before you sign any dotted lines, be it for insurance or a car purchase, take the following into consideration:

  • New cars have more than just curb appeal: they are often covered by warranties which act as a safety net if anything minor goes wrong or happens to the vehicle within the first few months to year of purchase.
  • If your cash flow doesn’t allow you the luxury of getting a brand new car, with enough research, you can get a used one that suits your budgetANY budget, really. With certain states limiting the age of used cars that people are allowed to sell, the standards have been raised, while the prices have been lowered. Shop around!
  • New cars often come with a nifty little feature called Roadside Assistance. Often integrated into the price structure, you will feel safe and secure knowing that if you have a tire or engine problem, someone reliable will come get you. Seniors and teenage drivers benefit from this feature quite frequently.
  • If you trade in your used car every 2 to 4 years, keeping up with more modern models is not going to be that difficult. Sure, you’ll know it’s not brand new. But at least you know that you’re not in debt over something you couldn’t afford, and driving around safely in something that you can.
  • New cars, while often glamorous, can be a target for theft and are significantly more expensive to repair, especially outside their warranty period. If you splurged on the car, hopefully you’ve splurged in your thoughts too about being able to spend after-purchase money…

Used cars can be masters of deception: A fresh coat of paint and some re-upholstery does not deem a stable, safe, reliable car make.

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