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Motorcycle Insurance Q & A

  • admin
  • August 6, 2014 4:07 AM

While cars still outnumber motorcycles on the nation’s roadways, there has been steadily increasing interest in the latter. Quick, size-smart and fuel-friendly, there are motorcycles available for every possible style of rider. From the hardcore lifestyle biker, to the just-on-the-weekends-on-the-open-road biker, your bike is an investment that deserves to be insured. Knowing your options and how to tailor them to your lifestyle and budget are imperative.

Let’s get familiar!

What are the types of motorcycle insurance available to me?

Liability insurance, economy coverage, and complete package are the three types of motorcycle insurance that you can choose from. Liability insurance comes into action when you are the offending party in an accident, covering the medical expenses of the other person as well as damage to their property. Economy coverage encompasses the liability and theft of your bike. It is more flexible and can incorporate extra features like uninsured motorist coverage and guest rider liability. Complete package is pretty self-explanatory.

Owning a motorcycle is an expensive decision. Not only are motorcycles pricey themselves, motorcycle insurance can be pricy too.

Are there any things I can do to reduce the cost of my motorcycle insurance?

Of course there are! Just because something starts off as expensive, doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make the cost more manageable. Being a trained motorcycle driver is the first good way to get a discount on your motorcycle insurance premium. Paying your insurance annually as opposed to monthly ensures that you immediately shave off the incumbent monthly interest. Being affiliated with a registered, recognized motorcycle association/club is also another way to snag a deeper discount. Regardless of your motorcycle usage or the type or age of your bike, there are myriad ways to get your premium price down.

Motorcycle ownership, just like vehicular ownership in general, is a responsibility. You have to find the right quality and quantity of insurance to suit your lifestyle.

How much motorcycle insurance should I get?

Some people consider motorcycle ownership to be a luxury. For others, it is a necessity. For Whatever reason you own a motorcycle, you need to get motorcycle insurance that is commensurate with the type of bike you have and the type of rider you are. If you ride your motorcycle sporadically, maybe three or four times a month in safe areas, as a trained rider, you may decide a complete package policy isn’t for you. At that point you may be low risk and therefore a little will go a long way. If you ride every single day, or your motorcycle is your primary/sole mode of transport, full coverage is your best bet. For any type of driver, keep in mind that most of the accidents that happen for motorcycle drivers are no fault of their own. While being fully trained and cautious on the roadways is prudent, your accident may be the cause of someone else’s negligence. You want to make sure you’re not just skirting the bare minimum and that you’re protected

We hope these tips help you make the best motorcycle insurance decision for you, your bike and your wallet.  Happy trails!

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