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How To Keep Your Car Safe

  • Tabitha Naylor
  • May 6, 2014 8:00 AM


Car insurance exists to give you a sense of safety when you’re on the road. Insurance makes you feel like things are going to be taken care of, in the event of a mishap. But there are other preemptive measures you can take, to ensure that your car doesn’t get stolen – which is an unfortunate mishap that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. Either way, have a look at two of our suggestions on keeping your car safe, and stay tuned for more!

  • Use existing branded tracking technology!
    Many car manufacturers offer buyers the option to subscribe to system that provides car-tracking, anti-theft or stolen-car-tracking support. There are also many established companies that exist solely to provide this service and they are not necessarily affiliated with car brands/manufacturers. Either way, choose a service that suits your budget, and that has a verifiable track record for success. Such popular services like this include OnStar, CarTrack, AutoFind and car manufacturers like BMW and Audi, offer the subscription services as well. While it may seem like we’re fixated on brand names for this suggestion – it is with due cause. The companies who have put in the time and effort to research, develop and manage tracking systems, are the ones you want to go with. When your car is stolen, you’ll be in a state of panic. You will need to speak with someone who knows what they are doing and who is working with a computerized system that is stable, intuitive and reliable. Kudos to the newcomers in this industry, but you the consumer, shouldn’t be a guinea pig. Let the noobs accumulate some street cred. and stick to companies who have been doing this successfully for a while.
  • Use services that are flexible with your lifestyle!Unless you’re in direct earshot of your car and it’s alarm, and unless your alarm is unique, a car alarm just doesn’t cut it anymore. They probably didn’t think that one out did they…The fact is, there are several almost standard-sounding car alarm sounds, that have basically become so overplayed, that they go unheard. The car alarm is supposed to alert you, but also to alert the people closest to the scene of the crime – in effect, raising an alarm (see what we did there?)! But because car alarms, like ringtones, have become so overplayed, unless you have something that sounds like the horns of the apocalypse, it will probably be ignored. How many times have you heard an alarm and thought “Heh…somebody’s getting jacked…”and then went about your business? Yup. That’s what we thought. There are now smarter devices available that not only send out an alarm, but send a notification to an external (remote) device, like your car alarm remote or even your smart phone! So while you may be nowhere near your car and the audible alarm, you will be notified when it’s being tampered with. This gives you the opportunity to act, safely out of harm’s way, in a timely fashion.

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