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The Costs of Home Electric Charging Stations

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  • May 22, 2015 9:17 PM


With electric vehicles gaining a solid foundation among more popular vehicle options, there has been an increase in the need to install and use home electric charging stations. However, with this being a new technology, there are still a few unknowns regarding the installation and cost for these stations.

Prior to having a home charging station installed, you have to choose the right one for your vehicle’s needs.

Choosing a Home Charging Station

There are a number of factors that will determine the type of charger you need to purchase. Some of these include:

  • The type of plug-in vehicle you have
  • If you plan to purchase future plug-in vehicles
  • The layout of your garage
  • Your charging patterns
  • The household electrical service

In most cases, it would be smart to hire an electrician to help you determine the type of home car charging station you should install, as well as the amperage that you need, the best cord length and where to install the station.

When you call an electrician, they can also help you understand how much the equipment and actual installation of the equipment will cost.

The At Home Charging Station

When charging the vehicle at home, there are a number of EV owners that are fine with plugging the vehicle into the regular 120V outlet overnight. This process makes use of the level one equipment that is provided when the vehicle is purchased. However, there are some owners how would prefer the level two speed, or other features that are available. The typical installation cost for one of these units will be just over $1,000.

More than half the cost of that is for the actual station. There are a number of manufacturers that now offer the level two home chargers for under $500, down from the $1,000 that was seen in the earlier days. There are more expensive station options that include extra features such as grid integration, smartphone compatibility and charge management.

Installation of the Home Charging Station

When you have the home charging station installed by an electrician, the process they use will make up the remainder of the total cost of $1,000. They install the 240V circuit from the existing breaker panel and make the actual connection to the station. All of their labor, materials and mobilization are what the additional funds are for. In most cases, an entirely new breaker panel will not be required, but in a number older homes, of if the existing panel is full, it will tack on another $500 to the cost.

There are a number of factors that must be considered if you are planning to install a home charging station. Choosing the right one is essential, but you also have to consider the installation costs and who is going to handle this process for you. If you have no proper electrical experience, it is not a good idea to attempt it on your own. Hiring an electrician will help you save both time and money on this installation process.

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