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Short Term Car Insurance

  • admin
  • August 26, 2014 9:21 PM

While typically, we project that car insurance is a long term commitment, there are a few cases in which the exact opposite is plausible. Short Term Car Insurance comes into play when car/vehicle usage/ownership is not permanent, from as little as one day, to a typical maximum of 30 days. It is not an automatically renewable form of insurance, and allows the policy holder / driver to pay towards said policy for only the days that the car is driven. This is not a substitute to long term insurance and should only be engaged in the relevant circumstance. These include:

  1. Renting a car while on vacation
  2. When your son or daughter is back home from college and plans on using your car
  3. When teaching a friend or a relative how to drive
  4. When loaning your vehicle to someone for a short period of time
  5. Test driving a vehicle
  6. Utilizing a dealer’s courtesy car while yours is being attended to
  7. For luxury/show vehicles in storage or en route from one location to another

Of course, there are myriad other circumstance in which Short Term Car Insurance or Temporary Car Insurance will be useful, but you get the gist. You do not have to seek some specialist firm to acquire Short Term Car Insurance, because for the most part, many of the more popular insurance companies do offer this type of coverage.  While the coverage period may be shorter, the quality of the coverage is not much different than what you would commit to long term. The risks of driving for a day are the same as driving for a week, for a month, for life. Remember, car insurance isn’t exclusively about protecting you from damage that you may create, but also, to act as a support system in the event of a mishap due to the unpredictability of other drivers.

Acquiring this type of policy is a deliberately fast and comprehensive process. You would have to fill out a form detailing your personal information, the type of car you would be driving, and the specific dates or specific short-term timeframe that you anticipate actually using the car. As far as pricing goes when it comes to Short Term Car Insurance, it can vary from agency to agency, but it is one of the more expensive forms of car insurance in existence. Sure, a little bit of math would find you paying a lower per diem rate if you insured for an entire month – but Short Term Car Insurance works for those who require it at a temporary level. Remember that driving a rental for a week may not seem to warrant an insurance commitment but it absolutely does. The history of car accidents is that they are a surprise, from the miniscule to the massive, so make sure you are always insured no matter the length of time.

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