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Saving On Your Teen Driver Insurance

  • admin
  • August 8, 2014 7:31 PM


As a parent, there are some inevitable things that you have to prepare yourself for for when your kids reach a certain age. One of those things is that you’re going to be expected to either a) hand the keys to the family car over, or b) help with or buy your beloved offspring a vehicle of their own to drive. For the children (who no longer think of themselves as such, when in reality…lol), this is a birthright, a ceremonial ushering into the grown up world. No more asking to be chauffeured. No more sharing space in the car with siblings. No more having to kiss mom “good bye” when being dropped off at your crush’s house party. As the older ones in these scenarios however, we don’t often embrace this moment with an equitable zeal. In fact, most parents downright dread this time in their children’s lives. But here are some tips to help parents overcome this…anxiety!

If you’re buying your teen his or her own car:

Many car insurance companies will offer a multi-car discount on existing premiums if you decide to use them to cover your newly acquired vehicle. A primary concern after the safety of their teens, is that many parents bemoan the additional cost of extra car insurance. Along with some other qualifications and considerations, the cost of insuring your teen’s car is not as exorbitant as you may expect. Additionally, you could lay some rules that instil a sense of responsibility to the young’uns; many parents insist that their teens contribute to the cost of their car’s insurance from part-time job earnings.

Sending your teen off to college? More discounts to follow!

While it may seem like a good idea to send your teens off to college with their cars, you can actually save more money docking the car at home – they won’t have much time for joy riding while in school anyway, if they’re doing school right! Inform your car insurance provider that your teen attends school (at least) 100 miles away and doesn’t use the car, save for their return during vacation periods. Most car insurance companies look upon this favorably, giving you a discount on your premium, while still providing coverage for when the car is actually used.

BOTTOM LINE: Prepare yourself and your teens for this new responsibility:

As previously mentioned, a teen’s first car or rather, a teen acquiring a driver’s license is considered something of a rite of passage. But without the proper preparation, this rite of passage can be a dangerous affair. Make sure that your teens are outfitted with the tools and knowledge to start off their driving lifestyle on the right foot. Enroll them in a defensive driving course, and insist that they maintain a good grade average in school – not only do these items produce appreciated discounts, but it instills the importance of being responsible in the car and out of it. Additionally, it’s important that we as the governing generation, lead by example – don’t expect your teens to heed your words, when your actions set a conflicting precedent.

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