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New York Car Insurance

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  • May 17, 2016 4:10 PM

cars on a bridge in new york

New York car insurance requirements are some of the most comprehensive in the US. In New York you must carry “no fault” coverage as well as minimums for bodily injury and property damage (details for minimum amounts of coverage are below). To get cheap auto insurance quotes in New York make sure that you know the below details and that you are carrying the right amount of car insurance as a New York driver.

New York Liability Coverage Minimums (as of  5/17/2016)

– $25,000 coverage per person for bodily injury

– $50,000 coverage per accident for total bodily injury

– $10,000 coverage per accident for property damage

– $50,000 coverage for mandatory “no fault” coverage

New York Auto Insurance Discounts

There are a number of courses that a New York driver can take to reduce the cost of their auto insurance as well as a number of car features which may reduce your car insurance costs. We list them below.

Driver Education Courses:

  • Accident prevention course
  • Participation in a Combat Auto Theft (CAT) Program
  • Driver Training (Must be under age 21)

Auto Insurance Discounts Available For Certain Car Features:

  • Automatic seat belts or air bags
  • Factory installed anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Anti-theft devices (car tracking devices, alarm system or ignition cut off, etc.)
  • Factory-installed daytime running lamps (DRL)

Discounts are also available to New York “safe drivers” so remember your driving record counts.

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