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Insurance Publishers

Do you want to monetize your website’s insurance traffic? Try the insurancequotesfast.com affiliate program. Read more below:

Two Offers

Insurancequotesfast.com affiliate program delivers consistent results to our affiliates with our two affiliate offers. We have a zip submit offer and a Pay-Per-Call offer.

Zip Submits

If you want to work with our zip submit offer the process is very easy, sign up for our program and pull the banner size of your choice. The payout comes when one of your website visitors submits their zip code in order to get an insurance quotes.

Pay Per Call

Insurancequotesfast.com’s pay-per-call affiliate programs allows you to offer your traffic fast auto insurance quotes through the phone. The setup is easy, once you have signed up and been approved for the pay-per-call insurance affiliate program we give you a number. You then will add that number to your site. When a visitor makes a call and is on the phone for a set amount of time you will receive a payout.  

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