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How Do Insurance Claims Affect Car Insurance Rates?

What Does Filing an Insurance Claim Do to Your Car Insurance Rate? You’ve done the right thing and purchased auto insurance to cover your vehicle. Then the unexpected happens and you get in an accident. The auto insurance you carry can help pay for the damage and losses you experience due to the accident, but […]


Bundling Your Home and Car Insurance

There’s no doubt you want to protect your valuable assets, but shopping around and managing different insurance policies for different areas of your life can become overly time consuming. From piling paperwork up and overfull filing systems, keeping track of too many insurance policies can become a real drag. If you find it to be […]


A Guide To Understanding Telemedicine

A Guide to Better Understanding Telemedicine In a world where practically everything is now done on the Internet, medicine is certainly no exception. Simply put, telemedicine is the application and delivery of healthcare services and medical information using telecommunication. Telemedicine with the advent of the Internet, can now be performed using wireless communication such as […]



Life Insurance Policies For Two or More

Many people don’t know much about life insurance.  Those that do may only think of life insurance as being for an individual, but life insurance is much more flexible than people perceive it to be .  Life insurance can be written on one, two, or more people depending on the needs of the insured.  Two […]


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